Survival Guide daydreams of drug deals in thrilling new music video and single ‘Lady Neptune’

“My dream involved a chaotic battlefield where people were fighting and killing each other, and somehow, I knew that if I drowned myself, I’d come back to life and emerge from the water with the power to make the fighting stop,” says Emily “Agent M” Whitehurst (former vocalist for punk standouts Tsunami Bomb) about her inspiration for ‘Lady Neptune,’ the second single off her fourth full-length electropop Survival Guide album ‘Deathdreams,’ out October 19th via Double Helix Records.

A 1980s-fueled dance track complete with synths and drum samples, the song offers upbeat rhythms contrast sharply from the dark subject matter, which discusses Em’s attempt to stop violent chaos by drowning herself and resurrecting as “Lady Neptune.”

The epic ‘Lady Neptune’ video follows in line with the macabre and blood-splattered short film-esque music video for ‘Blood Perfume,’ which stars Em as a deranged serial killer who outsmarts her victims. The both visually and sonically dark and evocative work was celebrated in music and video production circles, alike. The song in itself is kind of like an incantation, used to hypnotize her “prey.”

Em says of the video: “This treatment is a cautionary tale that’s based less on the lyrics and more on the ‘80s feel of the song. It’s very cinematic, being an entire film’s worth of story shoved into a 4-minute song.”

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