Telltale cover Rise Against’s ‘Help Is On The Way’

Telltale have released a brand new cover of Rise Against’s track ‘Help Is On The Way,’ out now via Rude Records. The cover is part of the upcoming Rude Records project, ‘Changing Tides,’ through the label’s charitable arm Rude Cares. Rude Records’ charity branch is dedicated to fighting poverty, inequality, and discrimination. Rude Records artists taking part in this project have recorded cover songs on environmental topics to raise their voices for a more sustainable environment. With each song, profits will be donated to the cause of “raising awareness and making the world a better place” through music. 100% of collected funds with the distribution of the cover songs will benefit Sea Shepherds.

Speaking on the upcoming ‘Changing Tides’ project, Rude Records’ General Manager and A&R Federico Croci shares:‘Changing Tides’ has the purpose of raising awareness on our planet’s safeguarding and as a Company and a B-Corp we’re particularly attentive and concerned about such important topics. With the launch of ‘Changing Tides,’ Rude Cares will focus on increasing awareness and help protecting our environment through the voices of our artists.”

Sea Shepherd fights to defend, conserve, and protect the ocean with direct action to defend marine wildlife and protect their habitat in the world’s oceans. Sea Shepherd’s conservation actions aim to safeguard the biodiversity of our delicately balanced marine ecosystems.

Rude Cares aims to connect artists and fans with no-profits entities, associations, and benefit projects dealing with civil rights, environment, mental health and other causes worthy of support. Its aspiration is to incorporate this social mission with what Rude does best: creating and distributing good music. Rude has committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and maximizing its positive social impact, increasing the number of its collaborations with responsible and certified suppliers.

Telltale is proud to present our cover of ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Rise Against in partnership with Rude Records for their ‘Changing Tides’ compilation. We chose this song because it’s a call to action in response to the effects of climate change,” shares Telltale bassist Tim Fogg “Hurricane Katrina was such a major event in US history and it brought the effects of global warming to the forefront of the national media. I spent a week helping clean up the beaches and community of Biloxi, Mississippi in 2006 so this song really speaks to me. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sea Shepherd on this release – all streaming profits benefit their efforts to conserve the world’s ocean and marine wildlife. We encourage you to check out their mission statement over at”.

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