The Dangerous Summer release ‘Come Along (Reimagined)’

The Dangerous Summer just released a reimagined version of their single ‘Come Along’. The single is out now in its reimagined version, original version, and via visualizer video. The band previously released the reimagined version of ‘The Best Part of Letting Go’ and will release more reimagined versions of their songs soon.

The Dangerous Summer performs the new rendition of ‘Come Along’ as if it is reflecting on a memory. It’s clear in the way vocalist AJ Perdomo sings that he still feels intense emotions related to the traumatic experience, but having the song stripped down illustrates the time he’s had to process the incident. The band takes the listener through his experience of a car crash, questioning the outcome of events.

Come Along’ is a song that was originally conceived as a heavy dark song with melodic vocals,” he says. “To me it almost felt like I was making a 1975 song. In the process of reimagining ‘Come Along’, we really wanted to strip down that song, layering that out trying to make our fans feel it in a way they’ve never felt before. ‘Come Along (Reimagined)’ is out now via Rude Records, check it out!”

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