The Dangerous Summer released ‘Fuck Them All (Reimagined)’

The Dangerous Summer have released a reimagined version of their addictive 2020 single ‘Fuck Them All.’ The band previously released the reimagined versions of ‘The Best Part of Letting Go’ and ‘Come Along.’

‘Fuck Them All’ was one of the biggest songs we’ve ever released and one that signified a new era for the band,” explains AJ Perdomo. “We wanted to make a version of the song that was more epic. This take on the song definitely has an ‘Explosions In The Sky’ feel to it…”

The band signed their first record deal as high school seniors and quickly established themselves among the alt-rock world’s elite. Passionate delivery, confessional authenticity, and deeply resonant musical storytelling define their sound. The band writes hooks that serve as soundtracks for important life moments for a diverse group of listeners spread across the globe. They’ve never sacrificed their unique, diverse sonic identity, one that appeals to fans of everything from Kings Of Leon and Coldplay to Jimmy Eat World and Bright Eyes.

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