The Mars Volta return with ‘Blacklight Shine,’ their first new music in a decade

The Mars Volta have returned from their decade-long hiatus with a new single, ‘Blacklight Shine,’ and an accompanying short film. The lyrics of ‘Blacklight Shine’ help to illuminate the idea of “a wave of rolling blackouts washing memories onto shore, a heartbeat that still remembers everything,” in the words of singer and lyricist Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

On June 19, a mysterious cube appeared in Grand Park in Los Angeles. ‘L’YTOME HODORXÍ TELESTERION,’ an audio-visual art installation, was erected to tell the story of the return of The Mars Volta. Inside the cube, visitors were taken on a full, immersive journey to outer space where ‘Blacklight Shine’ was premiered for the first time by the public. The experience inside of the cube was intended to provoke self-reflection, with the single guiding fans on a journey through endless galaxies and back down to earth, to oneself. For those who were unable to witness ‘L’YTOME HODORXÍ TELESTERION’ in person, a digital experience will be available on July 1st.

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