The Movielife – ‘We have a very special chemistry’

Words: Miljan Milekić

After fourteen years of silence, this September, The Movielife released their new record ‘Cities in Search of a Heart.’ The return of the cult band from Long Island could not get unnoticed, so we teamed up with singer Vinnie Caruana for a quick chat.

This year make two decades since you started, but most of that time you weren’t active. Do you ever wonder where you would be if you managed to stay together for all that time? What was the main reason for you getting back together?
Vinnie: There’s no way we could’ve stayed together for all that time because Brandon (Reilly) and I needed to go and do other things musically and otherwise. I knew we’d find each other again. Life is too short to not be doing the things you’d like to do. We love making music together. We have a very special chemistry.

‘Cities in Search of a Heart’ is your first record in fourteen years. How was it to get back in the studio and work together after so many years?
Vinnie: It was perfect. We worked harder than I’ve ever worked in a studio. And it’s was really fun the whole time. Our creative wells had been replenished, and we were overflowing with ideas. The stars aligned in the sense that we both had time to focus on this at the same time.

How did your fans react to the new record? Can you compare the crowd now, and back in 2003? How many new faces do you see? How many old ones?
Vinnie: They are singing along at shows. That was my only wish, and it’s been fulfilled! There are a lot of people from back in the day that still comes out to our shows, but equally, there are many new fans who are seeing us for the first time.

For this record, you decided to go with Rise Records. Why them, and how was it to work with them?
Vinnie: It’s been great. They were clearly the most passionate about the project, so it was a simple decision for us.

Can you compare the time you released ‘Forty Hour Train Back to Penn’ to now? How much did the way of promoting and distributing new music change?
Vinnie: So much has changed. Social media was just starting. People still bought magazines. And TV still played music videos. No one’s phones had cameras yet. You had to be at a show to really experience the music.

Back on track, with newfound energy – where do you see The Movielife in the future?
Vinnie: I see us playing more shows, making people happy, and many more days in the studio.

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