Travie McCoy releases new single ‘The Bridge’ ft. Elohim

Travie McCoy has shared a brand new song titled ‘The Bridge’ ft. Elohim, which will be featured on his upcoming album Never Slept Better out July 15, 2022 via Hopeless Records. The song comes with an accompanying video, so make sure to check it out down below.

Speaking of the new song McCoy shared: ‘The Bridge’ is a very important song for me but beyond a song it’s a message to those going through tough times, especially with COVID, as well as the state of fear and extroversion we’ve been pushed into. I’ve always made a point to let my fans and kids that grew up with me and my music, that I’m right here with you. I feel like I’ve been very transparent through my music, so why would I stop now? 2020 was quite possibly the worst year of my life and I’m sure many others.

‘The Bridge’ is basically me speaking to myself at one of my darkest times and giving others a light to know that they are not alone. I feel not only the song but the visual conveys that at the end of the day, I understand, and I’m here and always will be! I’m still as scared and skeptical as you are.

“I would love to give a huge shout out to my brother Trevor and the ASL community for being on my side to help bring awareness not only to what we’re going through but with what people with disabilities are going through as well. I’ve been burning bridges my whole life but now I feel like I’m building them.”


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