Wars release brand new cover ‘Flames’ by Mod Sun & Avril Lavigne

Wars have released a brand new video for a cover of ‘Flames,’ originally performed by MOD SUN and Avril Lavigne. The track follows their recent cover of Taylor Swift’s track ‘Exile,’ both coming ahead of the unveiling of ‘Chapter Four’ of their upcoming album ‘A Hundred Shivers.’

Speaking about the cover, the band stated “We’re really deep into ‘A Hundred Shivers’ now, and while we’re super excited about the next AHS chapter, it’s great to get to put out something totally different. We did both of these covers in lockdown, and we’re just really grateful we’re in a position to release them like this.”

‘Flames’ is an incredible song; as soon as we heard it I think we all just felt like we’d love to be playing that,” they added. “Love these collabs that are springing up – MOD SUN’s vocals are killer in this and Avril is iconic.”

MOD SUN has also heard of the cover, and upon hearing it exclaimed, “That is so fucking sick. That’s so cool, I fucking love it. I just realised while listening to it, I totally write from that headspace of heavier music and that my songs can totally translate into post-hardcore versions. That’s so tight, I love it.”

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