Wilmette unveils emotionally gripping new song and video ‘No One Knew’

Illinois pop punk 5-piece Wilmette has released ‘No One Knew’ the next single off the band’s long-awaited debut full-length, ‘Hyperfocused,’ out on August 4, 2023, via Mutant League Records. The track is accompanied by an emotionally gripping new music video directed by Alex Zarek.

Vocalist Aaron Hailey says: “It’s about the guilt of not being able to help someone through a hard time, and the helpless feeling that comes with being there while they struggle.”

Guitarist Griffin Guge adds, “We tracked this song exactly halfway through the recording process. It was a point where we thought we knew where the record was going until we got to this song. There was a lot of room to grow on the track, and we definitely got excited to experiment with a lot of cool guitar sounds. One of my favorites of which is in the bridge. We used a variety of unconventional guitar techniques as well as pedals to quite literally make it sound like the song is breaking and the building you’re in is coming down. I think it was very fitting for the part.”

Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, Wilmette combines pop-punk and hardcore with a fresh style that relies on pop hooks, honest lyrics, and strong musicianship. The band’s emphatic debut EP ‘Anxious Body’ was released in 2019 to much acclaim.

Wilmette – ‘Hyperfocused’ artwork

‘Hyperfocused’ Track Listing:

1. No Conviction
2. Hyperfocused
3. Playing Dead
4. I Don’t Even Want To Be Around Anymore
5. Circa ‘99
6. Small Talk
7. Everybody Wants Me Dead
8. No One Knew
9. Sunflower
10. Out Of My Hands


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