You, Me, And Everyone We Know heat up winter with ‘F.I.N.E.’

You, Me, And Everyone We Know are thrilled to share ‘F.I.N.E.’, the band’s first single of 2020. Recorded by at Kaleidoscope Studios in the group’s hometown of Lancaster, PA, the song marks the first full-band recording since 2015. Vocalist Ben Liebsch explains, “For current fans, ‘F.I.N.E.’ is the ‘Carolina Heat’ of the next release, the why and how we got here. For everyone else, ‘F.I.N.E.’ is about finding the enlightenment we all seek during the healing process after a traumatic experience.”

“I was coping a lot through food and energy drinks,” Liebsch told AltPress in November. “Just managing, really, and by that, I mean surviving. I was full-on coming into my own as a personal trainer and digging into the lifestyle of business ownership as a way to keep myself busy and distracted. I was working too much while trying to deal with everything, and then I was retraumatized. Anyone familiar with P.T.S.D. knows there is a whole litany of symptoms that are not just mental, but physical, and it all came to a head last December when a broom fell in my bathroom. My body was so overwhelmed by stress and physical activity that it just hit a hard shutdown button. I woke up on the floor five minutes later with blood everywhere, and I quickly realized I was exhibiting the signs of a concussion. That is when things with music picked up again.”


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