Beatrice Domond turns pro for FA

Here we are! Everybody knew this was going to happen, and it finally did – New York’s ripper Beatrice Domond is now a pro for Fucking Awesome and Hockey. You can check out her new capsule by clicking the photo below.

“They won’t change you have to change. Is a statement I laughed at,” shared Domont on her Instagram about the news. “Always been me. Don’t know anything else. Don’t know what not being me is. Never wanted to be anyone else. Never settled, got a bit worried on the way but always stayed loyal. This is the exact team I wanted to ride for, turn pro for since I was a kid. (It didn’t exist yet but I knew it would).”

“Dead last or saving the best for last. Either way it’s happened. It’s happening,” she continues. “Thank you, Dill, Mike, and Ave. Jared & Thomas. Everyone at the warehouse and FA & HOCKEY team. Love you guys. Very much. Thank you. God bless. Sincerely, the Professional.”



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