Gavin Magnus announces new EP ‘Blurry Eyes’

Alternative singer and social media star Gavin Magnus has announced the release of his debut EP, ‘Blurry Eyes’ out November 10 via Big Noise. Produced by alt-rock extraordinaire John Feldmann (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte +) and K-THRA$H, ‘Blurry Eyes’ is a true mile marker for Gavin’s music career.

Having started singing, rapping, and creating content at just 10 years old, the 16-year-old artist began to turn heads with his first viral music video by the age of 11. Commonly referred to as ‘the next Justin Bieber,’ the EP illustrates Gavin’s impressive sonic range and vulnerable songwriting abilities.

With his vision clouded by the push and pull of relationship’s past, ‘Blurry Eyes’ hears Gavin open up about various stages of relationships and their impact as the young star navigates the overwhelming and often complicated aspects of love. Gavin’s struggle to find clarity amid a whirlwind of conflicting honesty is cleverly juxtaposed by dreamy, airy acoustics and a production style mirroring his metaphor of “a pink cloud in a 7/11.”

From pop-rock jams like ‘Hello’ and ‘You Don’t Mean It’ to stripped-down ballads like ‘Lie,’ Gavin Magnus illustrates the turbulence of teenage dreams while staying true to his own self-reflection. Somewhere between heaven and hell, ‘Blurry Eyes’ showcases how love can be just as sour as it can be sweet.

‘Blurry Eyes’ paints the picture of joy with a heavy mix of emotion and sadness” shares Gavin. “This is the most powerful project I’ve ever made and I couldn’t be happier to share it with the world. I hope it resonates with you all just as much as it did for me and my team.”

Gavin Magnus – ‘Blurry Eyes’ EP

‘Blurry Eyes’ tracklist:

1. You Don’t Mean It
2. Nothing Left To Say
3. I Need U
4. Hello
5. Blurry Eyes
6. Love Again
7. Lie

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