Philly songwriter TIM (Dave Hause’s brother and collaborator) announces self-titled debut album, shares first single ‘High Hopes’

Blood Harmony Records and singer-songwriter TIM are excited to announce the release of ‘High Hopes,’ the Philadelphia-based musician’s debut single. Produced by Will Hoge and co-written with his brother Dave Hause, the song is lifted from TIM’s forthcoming self-titled debut showcase that is centered around the concept of duality.

TIM had the following to share about ‘High Hopes’ in relation to his hometown: “This song sums up my perspective on life through the lens of a Philadelphian — this whole thing is crumbling but let’s enjoy it together while we can. I can’t tell if this is heaven or it’s hell … It’s probably a little bit of both.”

What started as the mad science experiment of leaving college to go on the road has evolved into an incredible partnership, one that the Hause family could have only dreamt of at TIM’s first gig on a frigid night in Asbury Park, New Jersey back in 2014. After many years on the road and countless songs written, TIM is now a full-fledged solo artist poised to carve his own personal musical path, all beginning with the release of ‘High Hopes.’

“I’ve always known that I wanted to make up songs and sing them on my own,” he says. “When Dave and I started co-writing together, that itch was scratched for a time. Being able to write words that were almost immediately sung back at me by fans was an unbelievable experience. I am so grateful for that and don’t take it for granted. I understand that most people struggle to get to that point and sometimes never do. I can’t thank you all enough for fulfilling that dream.”

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