Red Hot Chili Peppers release ‘Return Of The Dream Canteen,’ share video for ‘The Drummer’

Continuing an unbelievable journey in 2022 highlighted by unbridled creativity, unforgettable shows, and uncontainable shared energy, Red Hot Chili Peppers reveal their second full-length studio album of the year, ‘Return of the Dream Canteen,’ available in stores and on all streaming platforms via Warner Records. The band also shared a brand new video for ‘The Drummer.’

‘Return of the Dream Canteen’ blossomed during the same sessions that yielded the group’s chart-topper ‘Unlimited Love,’ which landed at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart back in April. It not only marked their second #1 career bow on the chart, but it also remains the biggest rock album of the year. This stands out as the first time the group has released two albums back-to-back in the same year.

For these 17 tracks, the band collaborated with longtime producer and creative confidant Rick Rubin. Together, the musicians tapped into the power of their union once more, translating communal inspiration into bursts of inter-dimensional instrumentation, primal rhythms, and thoughtful lyrical provocations. As such, the LP kaleidoscopically projects the spirit of these four individuals in the form of one glorious collective that’s as vibrant, visceral, and vital as ever. Leaning on an endless and enduring brotherhood independent of all boundaries, it’s simply Red Hot Chili Peppers.

‘Return of the Dream Canteen’ tracklist:

01. Tippa My Tongue
02. Peace And Love
03. Reach Out
04. Eddie
05. Fake As Fu@k
06. Bella
07. Roulette
08. My Cigarette
09. Afterlife
10. Shoot Me A Smile
11. Handful
12. The Drummer
13. Bag Of Grins
14. La La La La La La La La
15. Copperbelly
16. Carry Me Home
17. In The Snow

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