Ten Foot Pole release new album ‘Winning’

Ten Foot Pole have released their tenth full-length album, ‘Winning,’ out today via People of Punk Rock Records. The new record includes thirteen new songs with eclectic styles, from their classic 90’s double-time anthems to more modern, heavy progressive punk while blending melodic/poppy parts with some hardcore bridges reminiscent of their 80’s hardcore roots.

Ten Foot Pole started in the ’80s as hardcore band Scared Straight, in the Oxnard California Hardcore (Nardcore) scene, with the first US tour in 1985. The lineup and style evolved, as the band helped create the genre of 90’s skate punk, including releases on Epitaph Records and touring heavily with bands such as Face to Face, NOFX, No Use For A Name, and Millencolin.

In the 2000s, Ten Foot Pole touring slowed as songwriter/guitarist/singer Dennis Jagard developed his career as a concert sound engineer, for artists such as Prince, Jimmy Eat World, and “Weird Al” Yankovic. But new Ten Foot Pole music kept flowing, as well as the addition of acoustic shows and songs, emerging from Dennis’ audio career travels with an acoustic guitar.

Ten Foot Pole had sold over a half million physical albums, though their DIY underground ethic and sincere songwriting style was never about chasing sales or radio airplay. The years of playing in squats, dive bars, and tiny “festivals” has given way to playing some bigger and nicer venues, but the credibility, the heart in the music, and the support of the die-hard fans, still rocks like an underground band.

Ten Foot Pole – ‘Winning’ artwork

‘Winning’ tracklist:

01. Can We Stop Trying to Win?
02. Bogeyman
03. I’m No Good at Sharing
04. Take Back Your Voice
05. Maybe These are the Good Old Days
06. It’s Always Been You
07. Hole
08. We Roll
09. Short Fuse
10. F Around and Find Out
11. Silence is My Enemy
12. We Found Out
13. Give Me a Reason to Listen to You

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