Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower talks about his love for The Cure and Blink-182 in a new BBC interview

British actor Jamie Campbell Bower recently did a massive interview with BBC, talking about his role as Vecna, the iconic villain in Season 4 of Netflix‘s blockbuster series ‘Stranger Things.’ Apart from talking about the role, and the series itself, Bower, also a musician and singer, talked about the music he loves, mentioning bands such as The Cure and Blink-182.

“Goodness me, it really depends on what sort of mood I want to be in,” he shared when asked about songs to snap himself back to reality. “For me, I tend to use music to emphasise a feeling that I’m having on the inside, or to draw power to within myself.” 

“When I was preparing for this show, it just so happened that at the same time I really got into ‘Pornography’ [the album] by The Cure. That record makes me feel very grounded, brings me back down to earth,” he continues. Away from ‘Stranger Things’ he says “bands like Blink-182 were a vibe for me,” before adding: “I love everything. I absolutely adore everything.”

He also shared that for the finale of series four, he listened to “dark, heavy music that would increase the heart rate,” before taking a moment to talk about his interest in the effect the music has on people. “I think often we’re not very conscious of the fact that music has such an impact on the choices we make. There’s there’s a specific reason that supermarkets play some music – you know, it forces you into a state like, ‘I’m gonna buy this now.’ So I’m always very interested in that, too.”

If you’re interested in more about Jamie, Vecna, or the process of making Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things,’ make sure to check the full interview HERE.

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