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FRND CRCL release urban punk album ‘Suburban Dictionary’

Pop punk group FRND CRCL (pronounced “Friend Circle”) have released their highly anticipated third studio album, 'Suburban Dictionary.' The band’s punk rock take on today’s modern spiritual revolution entitled 'Suburban Dictionary' is a...

FRND CRCL release melodic pop punk anthem ‘Fuck California’

FRND CRCL release their new single 'Fuck California' off their highly anticipated third album 'Suburban Dictionary,' out on June 30th. A track about expanding perspectives, 'Fuck California' is not only a declaration...

Frnd Crcl announce new album ‘Suburban Dictionary,’ release new single ‘Clinically Insane’

New Jersey-based pop punk band Frnd Crcl has released their new single, 'Clinically Insane,' paired with the announcement of their third studio album, 'Suburban Dictionary' out June 30th. 'Clinically Insane' can be...

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