Trophy Eyes share new track ‘Life In Slow Motion’ from the forthcoming studio album ‘Suicide And Sunshine’

Welcome to a new era of Trophy Eyes. In support of their new studio album, ‘Suicide and Sunshine’ (Out June 23) the band is back with a brand new track. ‘Life In Slow Motion’ was written about frontman John Floreani’s perspective on life and all of the meaningful moments packed between everyday monotony. The guys are currently ripping hits new and old on the road ahead of their appearance at Slam Dunk Italy.

Trophy EyesJohn Floreani shares of the new single: ‘Life in Slow Motion’ is my assessment of life itself, and the way we as humans navigate life and time here on Earth. Searching for meaning in chaos, I found myself seeing signs in number patterns and small examples of beauty in ordinary life; a hug at the bar exchanged between friends, a crinkled photo of a loved one kept close, a kindness or a smile. What they mean, I can’t say, but sometimes if you look hard enough and sit quietly enough, life reaches out and speaks to you.”

Trophy Eyes – ‘Suicide and Sunshine’ artwork

‘Suicide and Sunshine’ tracklist:

01. Sydney
02. Life In Slow Motion
03. People Like You
04. My Inheritance
05. Blue Eyed Boy
06. Runaway Come Home
07. Burden
08. Sean
09. What Hurts The Most
10. OMW
11. Kill
12. Sweet Soft Sound
13. Stay Here
 14. Epilogue

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